Interact With Vikings

Learn How to Interact With Vikings

GreyBeard Productions is proud to present The Viking Experience, which is a Viking theater group dedicated to giving guests an entertaining look into the lives of Vikings. People who have always wanted to interact with Vikings can now get that opportunity to attend The Viking Experience Theater group events. Graybeard Productions are proud to provide this type of unique entertainment to our guests and hope to provide them with a glimpse of what Viking life was like in ancient times. We are a group of friends who have a common love a Viking history and culture, and we strive to provide an accurate and entertaining look at what their lives were like in the past. To learn more about our upcoming events and what guests can expect to experience when they attend these events, they can visit our website for more information and descriptions. For more details or answers to questions, please reach out to us directly using the contact information provided on the site. We look forward to offering a memorable experience our guests won't soon forget.

Anyone interested in a Viking dinner experience will love the events we provide for guests at the Viking experience. We offer an entertaining look at Viking life and culture and present it in a way that is fun for the whole family and will be a memorable event. Greybeard productions are proud to present a one-of-a-kind unique interactive experience that takes a historical look at the lifestyles of ancient Vikings. This dinner is both entertaining and historically educational and is an ideal activity for the whole family. These dinners are ad-lib live dinners, which means they can vary from night tonight and will be unique for each evening. To learn more about upcoming events please visit our website. Potential guests can also reach out to us directly to answer questions or address any concerns they may have. We look forward to entertaining our guests and providing them with a memorable evening they will love.