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Sara Antlers

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We are a group of friends that found each other over a mutual interest, the love of Viking culture. Our paths range from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
We created and put together The Viking Experience, as a roving, historically inspired theater. We want our guests to interact with our characters. During the day, in camp, our guests can learn details about our ongoing story our characters and be part of a world lived many years before us by our ancestors. And in the evening, we offer an immersive ad-lib Viking inspired dinner theater experience like no other!

The Viking Experience was born not long ago, in a time when we all got together in North Carolina at Angela's home. Looking back, we can all agree that this was a long, tough-working weekend, but we had a blast!  We sure endured and battled with the rain from Hurricane Delta. But with our determination and dedicated Viking spirit, we created a world like no other... and in the end, it was all worth it, because a seed was planted!

It was a weekend that was scheduled for a big photo shoot. There were a total of four (4) professional photographers and a video man capturing every moment and movement from many different angles, as well as from different artistic views.

The dinner theater came to existence while shooting the Feast. During which time, the characters did some ad-lib scenarios in order to make the photos believable and natural in a very fluid way. We can all agree that The Viking Experience was born during a time spent together, in order to somehow recreate a world and characters for the eyes of skilled photographers, that in return, they breathed life into the subject that caught their eye when the photos and videos where taken and came to exist.

Capturing and holding the magic and the feel of the natural setting and all the characters working together in recreating a life that feels part of their own. Characters being born from what seemed effortless and organic to what it is, The Viking Experience!

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Meet the Cast

Throne Grey Beard
Hanna the Red
Jeremy by the lake
Viking Experience Feast Dave
Viking Priestess
Sara - Thyra
Stephen - Volodymyr of the Rus
Mary - Syngin Darkmane
Derick - Dread Jarl Bjorn Grimmson

King GreyBeard

King GreyBeard was born into humble origins.

He learned how to farm the land and hunt from his father and how to fight from both his father and mother.

He would go raiding with his father for the local Jarl.

At a young age he learned compassion after his village was attacked by raiders and during the fighting he saw his father and mother protect their farm, villagers, but most importantly the village slaves.  More to come...

Hanna the Red

Hanna the Red-previously a shieldmaiden and a Jarl or Warlord in her own right with followers.

She is now the second wife of Greybeard, stepmother to his daughter (Bekah and Thyra), and mother to her own daughter (Rebecca).

She has worldly experience and has seen how little women mean to men.

She has been treated as an object before but also has fought for her place in the world as a strong woman. With Greybeard she has found a man who supports women and honors a shieldmaiden’s place in the world.

Now that she is a mother to a daughter, she is more adamant than ever that women need a place to be seen as strong and equals in the world.


Jeremy is the second son of the wealthy Jarl from Denmark named Halvdan.

He has loyally worked with his father in the building, weaving and textile trades, traveling to many areas and gaining much knowledge and perspective.

Jeremy’s reputation as a talented craftsman and respectable leader has begun to spread far and wide.

Without his father’s knowledge, Jeremy has been building a capable group of warriors called Klan Runda to protect his father's wealth as well as to periodically come to the aid of others who may need them.

Although Jeremy's skill as a craftsman is obvious, and his propensity toward fairness and respect usually leads him to endorse working together in peace, it is his fighting skills and character that will be told of in legend


Bekah is king Greybeards eldest daughter.

She is a kind and gentle soul, with a smile and laughter ever present.

Always eager to lend a helping hand to all people and creatures alike.

Her natural ability with animals, especially horses and keen fighting skills has made her an unassuming but deadly mounted warrior.

Her close bond with her father, the king, has lent to her level of training.

Though she is formidable, upon meeting her you would be fortunate to only to see the quiet, gentle princess of king Greybeard.

Jarl Halvdan

Halvdan is from the eastern part of Denmark and I’m an older Jarl knowing my life is nearing its end.

My father was a noble man that married the daughter of a Rus ruler as part of a peace agreement.

My father was a trader that knew the east and the rich trading that in silver, silks and furs that came from the east and my mother was known for her exotic beauty and the languages she spoke.

My mixed background opened opportunities to trade and made me a wealthy man.

I’m known to trade in textiles, weaving and wool and I believe that money is to be made in the east in trade not in war or the western raids.

My first wife and true love died in childbirth with a 3rd child, a daughter.

I have remarried twice since but never for love just necessity.

My oldest son is a warrior and has no children and he is raiding in the west and has not been heard from in more than a year. My daughter’s marriage was arranged in a trade as an alliance to secure trade in the East.

Jeremy is my heir as will be his children. I

Áine Sunray

 Daughter of Greybeard

I am Áine Sunray, the Völva of Greybeard’s klan. “Among the Vikings were women called Völva, which means “wand-wed” or “staff-carrier” in Old Norse. This staff was an essential attribute of the Völva, who were considered to be seeresses, shamans and practitioners of Seidr magic.”

I read Runes, do blessings and also sought out for guidance of all kinds.


Thyra enjoys raiding but has no desire to lead her own raids or a warrior band.

Instead her dream is to own a massive farm where everyone is always fed and stories are always being told.

Because her true love is sitting around a warm fire, eating good food and listening to fascinating tales.

Volodymyr of the Rus

Syngin Darkmane

Volodymyr of the Rus A silversmith from the lands of the Rus. His earlier years were spent trading up and down the river systems with his father, a Varangian Trader who specialized in silverwork.

Volodymyr was exposed early to the lifestyles of the Rus nobility as he and his father went from one center of power to another along the vast river systems of the East.

As he grew, Volodymyr established his own trade at a fortified Rus city.

The Prince was seeking more lucrative trading with the Balts of the North and the Danes in the West and was entertaining a Danish Jarl, Halvdan, who traded in furs, waxes, and textiles.

The two of them secured a trade alliance through the marriage of the Jarl's daughter to the Rus Prince.

As part of the alliance, Volodymyr was sent with the Jarl to serve as moneyer, translator, and a representative of the Prince's interests.

Over several years of working for both the Jarl and the interests of his Rus Prince, the alliance has prospered.

Syngin Darkmane, the daughter of a notorious Viking pirate known as Hroðgar.

A shieldmaiden forged by of the hardships and toils of life on the unforgiving sea.

Syngin has learned many languages and skills relating to the cultures that she has encountered on countless voyages.

These skills assist her in diplomacy; making her an ideal queen’s guard.

Syngin has known the queen since they were both children, their fathers knew each other well.

While on his ship, Syngin’s father would train her in his craft, both with the sword, and strategy.

After an untimely shipwreck lead to the death of Hroðgar, Syngin became a ward of the royal family, and through their generosity, she quickly became a loyal and trusted shieldmaiden of the queen.

Syngin Darkmane has vowed to stand guard in the face of peril in order to be the queen’s confidant and steel against steel.

Dread Jarl Björn Grimmson

Dread Jarl Björn Grimmson is kind, caring and protects those in his service as if they were family.

To others he is an intimidating presence as is his ever present Dane axe.

He is in an alliance in support of King Grey Beard.

Björn and the Shadow Ravens travel the major trade ports never staying in one place too long.

Björn finds new mercenaries to join the crew of his boat the Unkindness amongst these trade routes.

Björn loves knowledge and uses his Ravens to control the flow of goings on.

Pillaging, plundering and turning trade profits wherever they can.

The Shadow Ravens prefer to be the Vanguard in battle, arriving first to battles to sew chaos and fear amongst the enemy.

Björn’s mighty bellowing voice stirs fear into his enemies and the Ravens reap chaos on the battlefield hitting supplies and ambushing unsuspecting units from the shadows.